YSR Nadu Nedu 2023: Apply Process, Phase 2 & 1 Status

Hello readers, we know how much education is important in human life. YSR Nadu Nedu Scheme is playing a key role in developing educational infrastructure in Andhra Pradesh. Recently, after a huge effort, the Andhra Pradesh government succeed to launch the Nadu nedu@2023 gov in to provide a better quality of education. The process of developing infrastructure will be completed in different phases under YSR Nadu Nadu 2023. Let’s reveal other information about this scheme such as how to apply for the YSR Nadu Nedu scheme, benefits, documents, eligibility, objectives, and features.

YSR Nadu Nedu 2023

Detailed information is available on the official website of YSR Nadu Nedu 2023. This scheme will provide a better infrastructure for the school in the coming time. It is required to have better infrastructure in educational institutions to attract more students and children for education. Under this scheme, developing the school infrastructure will be completed in many phases. The government has seen a wide range of dropouts from school. This dropout rate is drastically growing year on year. Andhra Pradesh government looked into this matter, and they found that the main cause of dropout Rates is the lack of infrastructure in educational institutions.

Now the government is growing rapidly infrastructure under this scheme. The number of schools in Andhra Pradesh is 44512. These all mentioned Schools will be covered through this scheme. 15715 School will be developed under this scheme in the first phase. The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh has kept an eye on this program for better results. As the official says that there are 3650 crore Rupees have been spent on developing infrastructure. In the second phase, the government will develop 12663 schools by spending 5355 crore rupees.

AP YSR Nada Nedu Scheme @nadunedu.se.ap.gov.in

the state Panchayat Raj Minister Peddireddy Ramchandra Reddy has visited Pedda Upparapalli village for the inauguration new school building. The cost of the building was rupees 60.35 lakh. This building has located in Andhra Pradesh Chittoor district. He also delivered some other information regarding school infrastructure and other upcoming tactics. Tap drinking water is the first priority in each household to provide water.

YSR Nadu Nedu Scheme- Objective

The chief objective behind this scheme is to develop the educational institution infrastructure for better quality of education and the decrease dropout rates among children. Andhra Pradesh government implementing this scheme and you want to decrease the dropout rates. As a result of this scheme, children are more engaging in a school and studying well. The outcome of the scheme can be measured by the different parameters such as attendance rate, obtained marks in exams, overall development of the children, etc. 9 infrastructural components have been covered under the YSR Nadu Nedu Scheme.

YSR Nadu Nedu Scheme- Details

Scheme Name YSR Nadu Nedu Scheme
Presented By Government Of Andhra Pradesh
Beneficiary Of This Scheme Citizens Of Andhra Pradesh
Aim To Strengthen The Infrastructure Of Schools
YSR Official Website Click Here
Year 2023
Related State Andhra Pradesh
Application Mode Online

YSR Nadu Nedu Scheme 2023 – Infrastructure Components

  • Electrification with fans and tube lights
  • Major and minor repair
  • Toilets with running water
  • Drinking water supply
  • Compound walls
  • Painting of schools
  • English labs
  • Furniture for students and staff
  • Green chalk boards

YSR Nadu Nedu Scheme- Types Of Schools

  • Minority welfare
  • Social welfare
  • School education
  • Panchayat Raj
  • Municipal administration
  • Tribal welfare
  • Fisheries department
  • Juvenile welfare
  • BC welfare

Nadu Nedu Schemes 2023- Agencies

  • Municipal and Public Health Engineering department
  • AP Samagra Shiksha society
  • The tribal welfare engineering department
  • Panchayat Raj engineering department

Nadu Nedu Scheme 2023- Features And Benefits

  • YSR Nadu Nedu scheme has launched by the Government of Andhra Pradesh
  • School infrastructure will be developed by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.
  • All process has been completed in a systematic manner.
  • schools will be transformed into a mission mode by the effort of the government.
  • YSR Nadu Nedu scheme will improve the learning outcomes in educational institutions.
  • In Andhra Pradesh, the dropout rate will decrease as a result of this scheme.
  • As we know, 9 infrastructural components will be covered in this scheme.
  • Nadu Nedu scheme will cover 44512 schools.
  • There are 15715 schools that will be covered in the first phase of this scheme.
  • The Chief Minister has instructed the officials to focus on the second phase of this scheme
  • The government of Andhra Pradesh will spend Rs 3650 crore in the first phase.
  • the government will develop 12663 schools by spending 5355 crore rupees.

YSR Nadu Nedu Scheme Apply Process

  • You will see a home page.
  • Here, Click on the Apply Button.
  • Then you will see a new page before you.
  • Here, you will have to enter all the required information like your name, email id, mobile number, etc
  • After that, upload all the required documents
  • Now you need to click on the submit button.
  • This is the procedure of the YSR Nadu Nedu scheme Apply.

Nadu Nedu Scheme – Login Process

  • Visit the official website of the Nadu Nedu scheme.
  • You will see a home page.
  • Here, Click on the Login button.

  • You will see a login page.
  • Here, you have to enter your username password, and captcha code in the entry field.
  • Then, you have to click on sign in button.
  • This is the procedure of member login

Nadu Nedu Scheme 2023 –Details About Bills

  • You will see a new page in front of you.
  • Here, you need to enter your Mandal Name, School category, District name, School,  and school management.
  • Then click on go button
  • Now you can see information.

YSR App Download Mobile 

  • Visit the official website of Nadu Nedu scheme.
  • You will see a home page.
  • Here, Click on the Application button.
  • Then, You can see two options in front of you:-
    • Mobile app APK
    • TCMS App APK
  • Select any one of both as per your choice.
  • Your device will start downloading app.

AP Nadu Nedu Scheme- Mis Report

  • Then you will see some option on this page.:-
    • General reports
    • Progress reports
    • Payment status reports
    • SSMS Reports
  • Select any one of both as per your choice.
  • Report will display in front of you.

YSR Nadu Nedu Scheme 2023 – Phase 1

  • Visit the official website of Nadu Nedu scheme.
  • You will see a home page.
  • Check out phase 1 School section.
  • Then select your District Mandal and school
  • After that, you have to click on go button.
  • Now you can see information regarding phase 1.

YSR District Performance Details

  • Visit the official website of Nadu Nedu scheme.
  • You will see a home page.
  • You will have to visit to the district performance section on this page.
  • Then you need to select your district.
  • Now you can see district performance.

YSR Nadu Nedu Contact Details

  • Visit the official website of Nadu Nedu scheme.
  • You will see a home page.
  • On this page, click on contact us.
  • The following options will appear in front of you:-
  • Select options as per your choice.
  • Then you can able to see contact details.

YSR Nadu Nedu Scheme Statistics

Total number of schools 44512
Phase 1 School 15715
Sanctioned schools 15715
Grounded schools 15715
Find released 3321 crore
Funds released schools 15116 crore
Expenditure booked 3651 crore


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