YSR Housing Scheme 2023: Application Form PDF, Beneficiary List Download

Every people has a dream of having a home. YSR Housing Scheme 2023 is a great chance for the eligible people of this scheme to get their personal homes. They can full fill their dream of having a home. This scheme has been introduced for the Andhra Pradesh citizens. A convenient home will be given by the government to the beneficiary of this scheme. Many people are living in a rented house and do or do not own any house. These people do not have to wait longer for getting to their homes. In this article, I am going to share with you how to apply for YSR Housing Scheme 2023, documents, eligibility criteria, home-related information, and other information.

YSR Housing Scheme 2023

As we know the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh continuously tries to launch schemes for the welfare of their citizens. YSR Housing Scheme 2023 is an example of one of them. This scheme has been launched under the guidance of the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Shri YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy. The needy section will be provided houses under this scheme. There is information available on the scheme of making 31 lakh houses. This is a very big number and it takes time to establish houses for a long period of time. You may have to wait but your dream of the house will come true.

YSR Housing Scheme 2022

You can assume how much money is about to spend on making homes. So here, the government will spend Rs 50,490 crore to build houses for needy people. The government is trying to make houses as early as possible so that people do not have to wait longer. 1% of the urban area will get benefits under this scheme as official says and 1.5% rural area. If you come under the mentioned percentage then you are eligible for this scheme. YSR Housing Scheme 2023 is recognized by the other state. The property will be owned by the women of the family after construction. This is great news for eligible people.

YSR Housing Scheme 2023 Apply- Construction of 15.6 Lakh Houses

After announcing this scheme in front of citizens, the government has set its first goal of providing 15.6 lakh houses to the poor and financially disturbed people by the year 2023. As I have told you that it will take time to construct houses for the people but it is a very big number of houses. If the government will be successful to build 15.6 lakh houses then it would be a pleasure for all beneficiaries of this scheme. Andhra Pradesh government is spending Rs 28084 crore for making houses in the phase of the YSR Housing Scheme 2023. 

YSR Housing Scheme 2023 Registration OnlineEmployment Categories

Another plus point of this scheme is that workers of Andhra Pradesh will be given employment under this scheme. There are many things used in making houses. So why not, workers get employment. As Shri Jagan Mohan Reddy says that employees will be given to the 30 categories of craftsmen like masons, painters, carpenters, plumbers, etc of the state. For constructing colonies, a new joint collector will be selected for each district of the state. The target of the first year is to build 15.6 lakh houses in 175 assembly constituencies of the state. In the second phase, 12.70 houses will be constructed.

YSR Housing Scheme 2023 RegistrationOverview

 Name AP YSR Housing Scheme
Introduced By By the Government of Andhra Pradesh
Year In 2023
Beneficiaries Of The Scheme Citizen of Andhra Pradesh
Application Mode Online/Offline
Objective Of YSR Housing Scheme Every citizen in the state should have his own house
Benefits Under This scheme Home will be provided to needy people
Category Andhra Pradesh Government Schemes
Official Website https://housing.ap.gov.in

YSR Housing Scheme 2023 Application Form – Housing Distribution 

To make colonies for the people, it would need to have a big area for doing this. Andhra Pradesh government has acquired 68.361 acres of land to establish all the houses for needy people. The government has paid 23,535 crore rupees for acquiring this land. Now the total spending of the government is 28,800 crore rupees. On this land, 16 lakh houses will be built as a part of the first phase. Each house cost the government is about Rs 1.8 lakh. The government has decided to start the second phase on December 25, 2023, for constructing 28.30 lakh houses. It takes about 3 years to build these houses. After hitting this target, 30,75,755 houses will be given to the women beneficiaries of the Andhra Pradesh.

YSR Housing Scheme 2023 Application PDF From- Rs 34000 Crore Infrastructure

The government of Andhra Pradesh has decided before to spend 34000 crores on the infrastructure of roads, lighting, electricity, drinking water, drainage system, etc. These are the essential part of any residential colony to live smoothly and clean. Many people will get employment during every phase of the construction of houses.

AP YSR Housing Scheme 2023 Registration Online- Facilities Available 

During the building house, the government is taking care of each and everything provided in the house. There are many facilities will be present such as two tube lights, two fans, 4 bulbs, one overhead water storage tank, each unit of the dwelling, and 20 tonnes of sand free of cost. Other important things will be available to see like the library, park, market, and Anganwadi Center under this scheme in the residential colonies. If you want to get the benefits of this scene then you need to apply at your nearest village or ward secretariat. Eligible candidates will get benefits in under 90 days.

AP YSR Housing Scheme 2023 – Layout Unveiled

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has discussed the new colony called Gunkalam Colony that has been made under this scheme. He told about the layout of this colony. The covered area of this colony is 397 acres with 12301 plots. It is the largest house site layout in Andhra Pradesh. Many facilities will be provided by the state like roads, drinking water, electricity, educational facilities, hospitals, police stations, parks, libraries, RBKs, health clinics, banks, etc.

  • The present value of the Gunkalam plot is Rs 3 lakh. It will increase by about 2 to 3 lakh after construction.
  • Only eligible beneficiaries can get free housing.
  • 30.75 lakh beneficiaries will get 28.30 lakh houses.
  • The number of TIDCO flats is 2.62 lakh that will construct under AP YSR Housing Scheme.
  • 15.60 lakh houses will be constructed in the first phase out of 28.30 lakh houses.

YSR Housing Scheme 2023 Registration Form- Availability of Basic Amenities

YSR Jagan Mohar Reddy has eyes on every activity of the YSR Housing Scheme. He reviewed his camp office in Tadepalli to get insight information. He provide suggestions and directed the concerned officers of the scheme in the process of constructing houses. As always other facilities have also been included like underground water drainage and library, etc. Constructing materials are cement, steel, pipes, etc available at the official ate constructions rates.

AP YSR Housing Scheme 2023 Registration Form – Benefits and Features 

  • Citizens of homeless people and needy people can get benefits under this scheme.
  • Eligible candidates will get benefits in under 90 days.
  • You can find libraries, parks, markets, and Anganwadi Center under this scheme in the residential colonies.
  •  You will get facilities like two tube lights, two fans, 4 bulbs, one overhead water storage tank, each unit of the dwelling, and 20 tonnes of sand free of cost.
  • YSR Housing Scheme 2023 will make all the infrastructural facilities in these colonies of high quality.
  • 15.6 lakh houses through this scheme are going to build by spending Rs 28084 crore.
  • Andhra Pradesh government is determined to provide houses to the eligible people by 2023.

YSR Housing Scheme 2023 Registration Form PDF – Eligibility Criteria 

  • Permanent residents of Andhra Pradesh can apply for this scheme.
  • Your family’s annual income does not exceed Rs.18 lakh.
  • You should not have already a house or land.
  • If your annual income is between Rs 3 lakh to Rs 6 lakh then you can apply for a plot of 150 square yards.
  • In the second condition, if candidates earn between Rs 6 lakh to Rs 12 lakh then they are eligible for a plot of 200 square yards.
  • An annual income of Rs 12 lakh to Rs 18 lakh can able to apply for a plot benefit of 240 square yards in this scheme.
  • You must have an APL / BPL ration card.

YSR Housing Scheme 2023 PDF Form – Documents

  • Income certificate
  • Bank account passbook
  • Applicant’s Aadhaar Card
  • Permanent residence certificate
  • Mobile number
  • Passport size photograph

Application Process Of AP YSR Housing Scheme 2023

In this section, you will learn how to apply for YSR Housing Scheme via online mode. There is a website for this scheme that helps you to apply online. If you do not know the process of registration then follow the below points.

  • In the first place, visit the official website of the YSR Housing Scheme.
  • This link will redirect you to the official page.

YSR Housing Scheme 2022

  • Click on the option of “Login”.
  • Then you will see a new page.
  • Here you need to enter your “Username” and “Password” and click on the “Submit” button.
  • Then click on “New Registration” on the webpage.
  • Now you will be able to see the new application form.
  • In this form, you have to enter all the asked details.
  • Upload your scanned documents along with this form.
  • Then click on the submit button.
  • You will receive a message of confirmation.
  • Take a printout of your registered form.

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