Tnreginet Guideline Value Village Wise -Registration, Know Jurisdiction

Tnreginet Guideline Value Village Wise published by the official authority of Tamilnadu. The Inspector General of Registration has a well-defined guidelines value that you can search by street name. You can check whether or not to register your property. the Inspector General of Registration (IGR) is responsible for issuing guidelines on the value of land and real estate. These are called “guideline values,” which can be found on the website tnregine

Tnreginet Guideline Value Village Wise

  • First, you need to visit the official website of Tnregine.
  • Look at the section of Guide Value S earch.
  • Select street or field number as per your choice.
  • Then select the region.
  • Select sub-registry office.
  • Now you have to select a village for village wise list.
  • After that, enter the street number and click on submit button.

Tnregine Jurisdiction Village Wise

Tnregine Portal Services

Tnreginet is an Indian National Portal developed by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India. Below, I have mentioned some services that you can search in the Tnreginet guideline value.

  • Marriage Certificate Application online
  • Encumbrance Certificate Online
  • Chits Documents Online
  • Online Certified Documents
  • Online EC status Check
  • Society Documents Online

Tnreginet Guideline ( Village-Wise)

Tnreginet Guideline Value Search is a tool that helps you to search for Tnreginet guideline value by using the following parameters:

  • In the first place, Go to the homepage of this site.
  • Then, click on the search icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Then click on “Search.”
  • Search whatever you want.
  • A list of results will appear for you.

Tnreginet Online Registration 2023

Tnreginet online registration is the best way to register for the Tnreginet website. It is straightforward to use and gives you all the necessary information.

  • In the first place, Visit  the official website
  • Then, select Citizen Option from the Drop-Down menu.
  • In the next box, type your user name.
  • Then, make your password which you can easily remember.

Tnreginet Guideline Value Village Wise

  • If your password is highlighted with green color, that means your password is acceptable.
  • Select the security question from the drop-down list.
  • Answer the selected question.
  • Then, complete the personal details section.
    • Select the appropriate option.
    • Then, you have to give some information, First Name, Middle Name, or Last Name.
    • Select the applicant’s Gender from the drop-down option.
    • You have to submit your documents for the identification of your filled information.

Tnreginet Online Registration 2022

    • Here type Email ID and retype the same email if for confirmation.
    • Choose your date of Birth.
    • Enter your mobile number.
    • You can also type your identification number.
    • Enter the address that is given on the documents.

Document Write Registration Details

If you are registering as a document writer then you need to give details with license type. Now you have to select user type as “Document Writer”.

  • Give the additional information about the business.

Tnreginet Online Registration

  • Give your registration information to the department.
  • An example, the registration district registered with and the sub Register office enclose.
  • Then you need to give license type and license no.
  • Enter captcha code.
  • Enter the received OTP.

Now your registration process is completed here. Now you can sign in.

Tamil Nadu Guideline Value Village Wise – Online Patta Chitta

If you want to check the “EC Status, ” you must follow the process below.

  • Here, you have to visit the official Website
  • This link will redirect you to the home page.
  • Now you have to select the EC search.
  • Then select some other details like:-
    • Select Zone
    • District
    • Sub Registrar Office
    • Village
    • Dates
  • Then, enter the Survey Number and subdivision number.
  • Appear code will be entered in the type code shown.
  • In the last step, click on the search button. Now you can see the property status.

Tnreginet Guideline Value Search

Tnreginet Guideline ( Village-Wise)

  • Street and village names will be entered.

Tnreginet Guideline Village-Wise

  • Then, click on the search.
  • Email address and resident address SRO office will be visible in front of you.
  • Now you can visit to find property valuation or guideline value.

Benefits Of

  • It is easy to use.
  • You can easily understand all the functions at a glance.
  • It gives you transparency in services.
  • Online services are becoming effective day by day.

Features Of

  • You can use the search bar to find places by name or location.
  • Use the online booking system for appointments.
  • If any need, biometrics and a web camera can be used.
  • It eradicated the fool services.
  • The platform provides users with access to the most relevant and updated information.
  • Good hardware infrastructure and maintenance.
  • Financial MIS and Reporting
  • It gives you a real-time market valuation.
  • Invocations Process Management
  • You get your profile maintenance system.
  • Aadhaar-based services.
  • You can find every land record.

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