TDP Membership Drive 2023 Registration Link & Renewal, ID Card Download

As we all know that Telugu Desam Party is a national-level political party. This party has quite a considerable presence at both state as well as national levels politics of India. The Party’s supremo is going to launch its digital and paperless membership campaign on Thursday. This will be the first initiative in the Party’s new membership plan or, to put it another way, an important program. Through this initiative, any one can become a diligent member of this Party. For this you just need to use the TDP Membership Drive App, TDP What’s App and Telegram Account, along with some other social media platforms.

Telugu Desam Party Membership Drive 2023

In it’s initial years, TDP or Telugu Desam Party was recognized for being a political party that acquired technology quickest of any other party. Presently, the Party is working hard for its new membership drive. As they will organise it in a new phase. The TDP is creating a new membership campaign through WhatsApp to reach closer to the youth and make it easier for them to join this TD Party.
Telugu Desam Party Membership Drive 2022
Under this initiative, they will provide a public WhatsApp number, as a result all interested aspirants can talk with an automated bot that will surely provide guidance to them with some simple steps of joining procedure. After collecting all important details, it will take you towards a payment gateway. At there you need to complete the membership payment procedure. An automated creation of your membership card takes place after making the payment. All those people who are interested in getting this card in tangible form can also apply under this scheme.
TDP is soon releasing the application form and all members can avail this whenever they to sign up at the official website. All volunteers will manage the paperless membership campaigns in various communities for people who resides there. As we all know that elections are only two years away, therefore Party aims for a great number of members. TDP is one of the India’s first political parties to give insurance facility to their members.

The TDP Digital Membership Drive Online Registration Link-


  • All interested candidates can get more details about the Telugu Desam from their official website portal.
  • There is direct link for membership at the homepage, available near the top right-hand corner of official website page. As soon as you click on that, a new page will open before your screen.
  • This registration page will provide you two alternatives. The first option has if the person has previously been registered with TDP. On the other hand, the second choice is for those who are doing registration for the first time with TDP.
  • The first option is totally appropriate if you have already registered for Telugu Desam Party membership. otherwise, you need to select the second option for the first time membership.
  • People will need their voter ID card to register for the first time. If anyone does not have their voter ID card, then they can register through their parent’s ID card.
  • After clicking on the registration tab, the first thing you need to do is provide your voter id card. Now choose yes, and then fill your voter ID card number. Following that, click on “Submit” button to complete this procedure.
  • At the next page, you need to enter the remaining details required at TDP’s official website.
  • After filling all of the required data and completing the form, you will receive a registration number.

The TDP Membership Drive Renewal Process

  • If anyone has previously registered for a TDP membership, then they need to renew their membership.
  • For this, you need to click at the official website page of TDP. At there you will get the option to renew your membership.
  • At the homepage you need to enter your membership ID, registered mobile phone number, or voter id card number in the appropriate box.
  • After that click on the Cadre Search button to start your search.
  • If you don’t remember your membership id or the voter ID, Then you can use your mobile phone number as a substitute.

The Process to Download the TDP Membership Card-

TDP Membership Digital Card

  • If you have not downloaded your membership card, so for this you need to open the official website.
  • At the homepage select the option to download a membership card from your device.
  • If your name is visible in the list of all beneficiaries, then select the options of welfare and beneficiary candidates from the given drop-down menu.
  • As a result a complete list containing names of all beneficiaries, along with their membership ID number, date of occurrence, district and the name of constituency listed alphabetically will appear in front of you.
  • At last, you can easily verify your name and obtain a membership card from this available page.
Direct Link For the Official Website Click Here


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