PM eVIDYA : One Nation One Digital Platform

Hello visitors, as we know India is entering into digital world and National and state level governments are going to digitalised everything. Digitalisation for education is also an effective decision of Indian government and it is continuously trying to digitalised education system. Towards this, Indian government has announced one more digital platform for education which is known as PM eVidya program. The finance minister of India Shrimati Nirmala Sitaraman introduced this program and announced various benefits of the Pradhan Mantri eVidya program

We will discuss all the benefits of PM eVidya program, also tell about eligibility criteria to get benefit of PM eVidya program, how to login and how to register as a student in PM eVidya portal.  You will get in this article about PM eVidya portal, benefits of PM eVidya, what are the objectives of PM eVidya program and which services will provided through Pradhan mantri e-vidya Yojana. To know all the information you are advised to read the full article till end.

PM eVidya – One Nation One Digital Platform

India and all the world was facing global Pandemic of COVID-19, The PM eVIDYA programme has been introduced by the Indian government. According to this plan, the top 100 colleges in the nation will begin offering online courses to students after May 30, 2020. The majority of students in the nation do not have access to the internet. Swayam Prabha DTH channel has been introduced to offer education to all of those pupils. Under this programme, the government has also launched 12 additional channels that are comparable. In addition, the Diksha platform is also launched, which includes electronic content and books with QR codes for all classes. This is a One Nation Digital Platform which is initiative of PM eVIDYA. The PM eVidya program will compile all the digital education platform at one place. In addition, a TV channel for students in grades 1 through 12 has been introduced under the name one class one channel. The government is also providing radio podcasts for pupils who are blind or deaf. The government will take all necessary measures to ensure that the nationwide lockdown does not negatively impact kids’ ability to learn.

TV Channels Under PM eVidya Program 2023

The goveqrnment will increase the PM eVidya programme under one class one TV programme from 12 to 200 TV channels in order to deliver supplemental instruction and create a robust educational system. The union budget for 2020–23 was presented to the parliament by finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman, who also made this announcement. She also talked about how children, particularly those who live in rural regions, belong to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, and belong to other weaker groups, have missed two years of formal education as a result of the pandemic. She has also called attention to the fact that the bulk of the pandemic’s victims are kids in public and government-recognized schools.

There were only 12 TV Channels in starting which are called DTH under this PM eVidya program. These channels were made to provide supplimentry education to all the students of classes 1 to 12 in all over the India. But PM eVidya program is regularly expanding the number of TV Channels to increase the  level of education. Now, approximately 200 DTH channels are providing high quality education in different languages of Indian culture. All the citizens of India can watch these channels without using internet services. Students from rural areas are getting Benefits from this program. 100 of top universities are digitalising their programs to make PM eVidya program successful. Around 750 labs and 75 digital e prayogshalas have been made through these universities.

Budget for PM eVidya program 2023

  • As you are all aware, Nirmala Sitaraman, the minister of finance, announced the federal budget for 2023–2023 on February 1st. This was the second time that this budget was given digitally.
  • The finance minister announced the PM eVidya scheme and encouraged digital education when delivering this budget.
  • She has also emphasised how the government has started the PM Vidya Yojana to offer digital education as a result of the pandemic.
  • One class One TV channel programme will be introduced as part of this plan.
  • There were just 12 TV channels operating in the past; currently, 200 TV channels have been introduced.
  • PlThese TV channels will now be available to students who do not have access to the internet. The finance minister stated during the budget speech that in order to improve student skill, vocational and creative courses will begin this year.
  • In science and math, there will be 750 virtual labs and 75 skill labs.
  • The teachers will be accessible online.
  • In addition, the students will have access to top-notch educational materials in their native languages via the internet, mobile devices, TVs, etc.
  • Additionally, the government plans to establish a digital university.
  • Students would be able to receive an education through this university at home in all Indian languages and ICT forms.

Highlights Of PM eVIDYA Program

Article about PM eVIDYA Program
Launched by Government of India
Beneficiaries Students
Objective To Educate Students
Official Website
Year 2020

Objectives Of PM eVIDYA Program

All pupils in the nation will receive high-quality education as fruit of the PM eVIDYA program. Due to the Lockdown of global pandemic of COVID 19, The Education was one of the most effected field, students were compelled to stop their education for 2 years due to unavailability of online education platform. Therefore, this programme was started by the Indian government in order to offer online education to all of the nation’s students. The government will take all necessary measures to guarantee that the nationwide lockdown does not negatively affect kids’ ability to learn. Nowadays, students in the nation can receive their education from the comfort of their homes without having to be physically there. This will result in significant time and financial savings and increase transparency.

What are the Benefits Of PM eVIDYA Program

  • The PM eVIDYA programme will provide access to education in digital, online, and on-cloud  formats.
  • More than 25 crore school-age children will benefit from this programme.
  • After May 30, 2020, the top 100 colleges in the nation will begin offering online courses to students.
  • For all of the pupils who lack internet access To provide education, the Swayam Prabha TV station will be introduced.
  • Under this plan, 12 additional channels will also be launched.
  • The Diksha platform, which will feature e-content and revitalised books with QR codes for all the classes, will also be introduced.
  • Another name for this initiative will be “one Nation, one digital platform.”
  • tv Channels  known as one class one channel, will be developed for students in grades 1 through 12.
  • The government will also produce a radio podcast for kids who are deaf and hard of hearing.
  • The administration will take all necessary measures to ensure that kids’ education is not harmed as a result of the statewide lockdown.
  • Students will be able to receive an education through this programme while remaining at home.
  • This programme will serve as a one-stop shop for all of the educational requirements of pupils.
  • Under this programme, online coaching for competitive exams will also be offered.

PM eVidya Yojana: Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant should be a student. Students of class 1 to 12 and above can get benefits from this program
  • The candidate who want to register themselves in PM eVidya Yojana, should be a citizen of India. People of India can apply for this from any state.
  • Education is a lifetime process so no age limit is required to get Benefit of PM eVidya program. 

Required Documents for PM eVidya Yojana 2023

Students are advised to carry the following items during apply for PM eVidya program.

  • Aadhar card of the candidate 
  • Identity card such as Voter ID card, Aadhar can also used
  • Passport size photo
  • Ration card of the family member(mother)
  • Annual Income certificate of family 
  • Residence proof such as electricity bill, water bill, rent contract etc.
  • Mobile number of candidates
  • A working Email ID

How to Apply for PM eVidya Yojana 2023

There is no application form to apply for PM eVidya program. To make it easy any available for all citizens, the government of India is provided all the services of PM eVidya Yojana free of cost and it is a open source where no registration is required. People can visit and find their wanted study materials from the official portal. Hence we are providing some basic details of how to change dashboard, how to download PM eVidya app, how to enroll in any course etc. You are requested to read the article till last.

Some Key features of PM eVidya Yojana

  • In this  program launch digital portal for education named as Diksha portal. Diksha portal will be based on education system of all Indian education board such as CBSE and other state boards. Diksha portal providing ebooks and QR scan books, it is also providing a recorded videos of mathematical and science and all subject related content.
  • The Mano darpan channel is also introduced in this program which end to provide mental health related education on TV channel.
  • Approximately 200 new books are uploaded on epathshala portal.
  • PM eVidya program is not only providing facilities to Indian student but also providing facilities to Indian teachers. Make an arrangements to connect the teacher with global. Foundation literacy and numeric program is also a global program which connect Indian teachers to all over the world by this portal.

How to view dashboard

Follow these simple steps to reach on dashboard of PM eVidya portal:

  • First of all you have visit on official website of Diksha portal. diksha
  • After that you will be redirected to a new web page where you can fight at dashboard option on top of the web page.
  • Click on dashboard to view dashboard of Diksha portal.

What are The Models Of PM eVIDYA Program

  • Digital instruction Knowledge sharing

It was introduced by president of India on the occasion of Teachers day 2017. Platform  provide  all the teaching material online such as lesson plans ebooks another materials.

  • Swayam Portal –

This is also an online portal for Government of India introduce this portal to make youth educated and people of India can login this portal through their mobile phones and desktop and laptop also. There are a lot of content which is free of cost to all the citizen of India. IIT IIM and other top universities students are learning from there. This is a open source for those who cannot continue your studies but want to study so they can study online.

  • Swayam Parbha TV channel

The Government of India starts Swayam Prabha TV channels to educate students through digital medium. Most of the Indian students cannot afford internet services especially in rural areas there are lack facilities of internet. So students can learn any topic to watch these channels on television. Swayam Prabha channels are group of 24 DTH TV channels which provide 24 hours including five time repeated shows a day.

  • Podcast on radio

The Mukt Vidya Vani and Shiksha Vani are the radio channels which organise various programs related to education. Then why special professors and lecturer of their specific field and they discuss all the topic on radio. Person who cannot afford television can use radio to continue they studies. it is also helpful for those who have visual impairment.

NIOS is constructing a special learning material for special needed students which are adaptable according to their needs in the digital world.

thank you for be here till last. you can visit the official site of PM eVidya to get benefits from it.

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