MP Bhulekh Khasra/Khatauni Nakal 2023 – Check Bhu Naksha Online

MP Bhulekh  (Madhya Pradesh) – Check Khasra/Khatauni (B-1), Bhu-Naksha, and other land records online.

The Madhya Pradesh government has made all the land records (MP Bhu Abhilekh) of the district online. Now you can get Land Record MP of your land, Bhulekh map, and other information sitting at home. Through MP Bhulekh Portal you can get various land services online from Bhulekh MP

Service MP Bhulekh
(MP Land Record 2023)
Beneficiery Khasra, Khatauni (B-1),
Map (Free Naksha) and Dmand Note
of Ownership Transfer
Launched By Government of Madhya Pradesh
By  Commissioner Land Records
of Madhya Pradesh

Land Services Available on MP Bhulekh

  • Copy of Land Records)
  • Village Map
  • Bhu-Adhikar Pustaka
  • Revenue Court Order Copy
  • Record Room Document Copy
  • Certified Copy Download
  • Diversion Intimation
  • Revenue Payment
  • Wallet Recharge
  • Profile View/Update
  • Password Change
  • Bhumiswami aadhaar E-KYC
  • MP Bhulekh Contact Details
  • Other Land Services

भू-अभिलेख प्रतिलिपि (खसरा, खतौनी) एमपी भूलेख पर Online कैसे देखे?

Visit the Official MP Bhulekh Portal

First of all, you have to go to the MP Bhulekh website of Madhya Pradesh i.e. Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh website. On this website, you can apply online for land records copy, Khasra, Khatauni (B-1), village map and other land services and download your MP Bhulekh.

एमपी भूलेख मध्य प्रदेश की आधिकारिक वेबसाइट ( मुफ्त सेवा/भुगतान सेवाएं)
एमपी भुलेख होमपेज पर जाएं >

Page –

चरण 1 – पंजीकरण / लॉगिन –

MP Bhulekh Portal has now been updated, it has become like a brand new website. So now you have to login to this portal by registering to see Khasra Khatauni, even without registration you can see Khasra Khatauni but for Digitally Signed Land Records you have to register and login.

You can register by giving your personal information, after that your password will be sent to your email, using that you have to login to MP Bhulekh.

Step 2 – Select Land Services – >(भू-अभिलेख प्रतिलिपि) –

After logging in, many land services will come in front of you, out of which you have to choose this option ‘Land Record Copy’ (MP BhuAbhilekh).

Step 3 – Select Land Record and Enter Details –

Some options will be given in front of you to choose the type of application, you have to choose any one from the given list. The following options will be given to you.

  • copy of record of rights
  • copy of measles
  • copy of Khasra Khasra
  • map copy
  • copy of B-1

Select whichever MP Land Record you want to apply and choose the tehsil of the place where your land is located, choose the MP state and the place from the list. To find the land record, you will be given three options – land owner, khasra number and plot number, out of these, whatever information you have, such as Khasra Khatauni, choose the online option of MP Bhulekh according to the name, fill the information and click the “view details” button.

Step 4 – खसरा विवरण चुनिए और आवेदन करे –

According to whatever information you have given, the list of measles details will come, in which you will have to select your measles details and click on ‘Add measles’, after that click on ‘Apply’ button.

Step 5 – View Land Record –

Whatever land record you had chosen will come now. Now you can see the land and its owner information online according to the name of Khasra Khatauni. You can also take out a copy of it by clicking on the Print button.

ग्राम नक्शा यानि भूलेख नक्शा Download कैसे करे?

Go to MP Bhulekh Homepage > Dashboard > ग्राम नक्शा 

To see the Bhu Naksha, you have to go to the Geo Portal of MPBhulekh, this portal is made only to provide the Bhu Naksha. After going to the portal of the village map, the information of General Information comes in front of you, if the information given in it will be useful for you to download the Khasra i.e. Bhu Naksha MP of the village map, then read it carefully.

चरण 1 – पंजीकरण और लॉगिन –

If you have come to the Geo Portal for the first time, then you have to do Registration  which you can do by giving some basic information and apart from this, if you have already registered then Login  by entering Username and Password.

जियो पोर्टल मध्य प्रदेश (WebGis Map)

Step 2 – गांव चुने

As soon as you login, the Bhulekh map of the state of Madhya Pradesh will come in front of you, you will be given options to search on its side. From this, you have to select your district, tehsil, village and click on the View button. Now a summary will come in front of you, where you will be told that to download the map of each village, you will have to pay Rs 5,100 charges, for the purpose for which you want this map, you enter the purpose and click on Proceed to Payment and pay the fee. |

After paying the fee, you will be able to download the Village Map webgis map (Village Map).

Notes –

  • To download the village map, you have to pay a fee of Rs 5,100 for each village (Per Village).
  • User can download villages of only one district in a day.
  • If you are facing any problem then you can contact Geo Portal on this email [email protected].

भू-अधिकार पुस्तिका के लिये आवेदन कैसे करे?

Go to MP Bhulekh Homepage > Dashboard > भू-अधिकार पुस्तिका

To see the land rights book, you will need the land unique ID, ULPIN number and land owner ID, even if it is not there, even without this you can get the land rights book.

For that choose your district, tehsil and village. Afterwards you have to enter any one of the three ‘Land Owner’, ‘Khasra Number’ and ‘Plot Number’ and click on ‘view details’ button.

Now information about measles and its land owners will come. Here Select LandlordAnd Click on AddButton. At last Apply Click on this button.

भू राजस्व भुगतान कैसे करे?

Go to MP Bhulekh Homepage > Dashboard > भू राजस्व भुगतान

  • Select your district, village, tehsil and land type to make land revenue payment. After that fill the information of ‘Land Owner’ or ‘Account wise’ and see the details, click on this button.
  • After that, the list of measles will come, select your measles from it and click on this button to pay.
  • In the end, choose any of the ‘Payment’ option and make the payment.

MP Bhulekh Helpline Number

आयुक्त भू-अभिलेख
मोती महल, ग्वालियर, मध्यप्रदेश – 474007
टोल फ्री नंबर –
18002336763, 07554000340
ईमेल –
HelpDesk No. (10AM-6PM) :
0755-4291604, 0755-4289968, 0755-4295303

Visit Bhulekh MP Portal –>
Visit Homepage –>

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