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It is the richest state in India and the land of Ganesha. Maharashtra is the most popular state in India, occupied by Bollywood, the film industry with the highest share of the economy. Different sectors contribute in a different way to the economic and social development of the state.In Maharashtra, the government has taken different steps to ensure employee security and comfort. The usage of technology has increased and the process of work has been easier, enabling employees to do their work without stress and strain.

Maharashtra Employee Pay Slip 2023

Employees work according to the pay and plan to live on that salary. In order to get the payslip earlier, the employee had to go to the head office. If the higher authorities do not respond first then the whole process can be lengthy and mentally tiring. Nevertheless, the Government of Maharashtra has developed an HRMS portal for all its employees, known as Mahakosh, through which we can keep track of most appreciations managed through the Integrated Financial Management System. From Mahakosh’s website, you can access Sevarth’s payroll package portal,  which contains the detail of employees’ payrolls.

Upon receiving our payslips, we can log in to find out our earnings and deduction. The Sevarth Mahakosh portal was developed by the National Security Depository Limited (NADSL) department to ensure their employees get up-to-date service and plan accordingly. In this article, we will discuss about how to download the Maharashtra Employee Salary slip. Scroll down for more details 

Maharashtra Employee Pay Slip 2023 Sevaarth Login

This application is primarily used for the preparation of the salary bills of the state government employees. The application is also integrated with the Budget Estimation, Allocation & Monitoring System to book the expenditure in the system against the Salary, Pension. For Knowing salary details an employee can log in from the login window using your role credentials as an Employee/Pensioner for the required operational activity or to access any information.

State Government employees use this application primarily to prepare their salary bills. It is also integrated with the budget estimation, allocation, and monitoring system to manage expenditures against salaries and pensions. For the required operational activity or to access any information, an employee can use their role credentials to log into the login windows. Using this web application employee corner is a newly developed utility in sevaarth application. The employee corner utility allows each and every Maharashtra government employee who has a Sevarth id to generate a pay slip for any given month. The users can log in directly to this site and download their pay slip using this utility.

What does the Maharashtra Employee Pay slip contain?

There are several important details (Employee Code, Employee Name, GPF Number/ PRAN Number, Designation, GLI Number), contained in the Maharashtra employee’s pay slip including the employee’s basic salary details (Basic pay, DA, HRA, Allowance, and other), bank details and employee scale grade and also included our paid details, deduction details(GPF, GIS Installment, Profession Tax, GLI, and Recoveries), NET Amount, Gross Amount and other details are mentioned in the salary slip.

About Pass word Explanation:

Here we will provide you with information about the Password for the web portal. Details are given below

  • Directorate of Vocational Education ((First letter in each word ‘DVE’)
  • Name: Amar Bushan Chawla (First letter in each word ‘ABC’)
  • Date of Birth: 01/01/1990 (last two digits ’90’)
  • Gender: Male (First letter ‘M’)
  • 01 or 02 would application Disbursement of Money
  • And Sevaarth Id: DVEABCM9001
  • Default Password: ifms123

Maharashtra Employees’ salary slips are generated online by a web portal sponsored by the finance department Manipur and containing employee salary details and employment information.

The Overview of the Maharashtra Employee Salary Slip

 Name of Pay Slip About Maharashtra Employee Salary Slip 2023
The subject of the Article The State Government of Maharashtra is providing facility for all Govt Employees to download Online Employee Pay Slips online.
Category of the Article Payslip /Salary Slip of Employee
State of the Scheme Maharashtra State
Provider of the Scheme Mahakosh Maharashtra
Department of the Scheme Finance and Accounts Department of Maharashtra
Website for Avail Benifits
Last date to get  Pay Slips An Employee get the payslips from the official website by any time
Weblink for Online Salary Slip Download

By logging into the Maharashtra payslip web portal with their credentials, Maharashtra teacher download their monthly and annual salary slips easily.

Here is the information about how to download the Maharashtra Employee Salary slip from sikkim DAT web application platforms. This is a suitable guide for you.

How to download Maharashtra Employee Pay Slip 2023?

The E payroll system has been launched by the Maharashtra state government, the financial department the treasury department, and the department of accounts. Therefore, employees who work in various departments of the Maharashtra government can access their salary slips through the e-pay web portal by logging in. 

  1. About Visit the Portal:-

    Firstly, you should visit the Sevaarthi Mahakkosh website which is in your device browser.

  2. About entering Login Details
    On reaching the official website and enter the username password and captcha code as shown in the image and click on submit the employee corner. password reset facility can be found under the path work list payroll changes reset Employees 
  3. About Click on the View pay slip

    Once you log into the web system, you’ll see a page called employee reports click on view pay slip under the employee corner.

  4. The way to Download the Pay slip –
    Select the month and year that you wish to wish to view the pay slip. Click on the View Pay slip button to view the pay slip. Click on the Print pay slip button to take the printout.Sevaarth utility is available from the 5th to the 15th of the month in the DDO assistant login. Employees corner is accessible in employee login for DDO and Assistance. There is also an option for viewing GPF slip and viewing loan details in the list of employees corners. In the view loan details, screen employees can review NGR schedules GPF slips and DCPS are three slips by selecting a month and year for the details they would like to see.

I hope we will provide you to all sufficient information about the download pay slip and this article is useful for you, Thank you.

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