Indian Army GD Salary – Rank Wise : Army Grade Pay Details, Allowances

To be a part of the Indian army is a great deal for everyone. Youth love to be a part of the Indian army. Most soldiers come from rural areas. There was one question what would be the salary we get after joining the Indian Army. It has a simple answer. The rank of army officers plays a key role to decide salary packages. In this post, we will come to know about the salary structure in the Indian Army. So read this article to know the deep information about salary structure.

Indian Army GD Salary

Rank is a system in which a soldier’s status and his job are to be decided. On the basis of their rank, they are paid. We can say that Indian army officers get their salary, additional perks, and benefits on the basis of their rank. You can check your salary online mode but firstly, you will have to identify your rank status. In this post, we will help you in the process of identifying your rank.

If you are ambitious and preparing for the Indian army exam then you must know the salary structure so that you can understand what will be your position. You have already known about the army post such as Captain, Colonel, Naik Subedar, Sepoy, Subedar, etc. Indian army issued thousands of vacancies in order to get more army soldiers. There is a grade pay level ranging is 3 to 18 and the pay scale ranges from Rs 21,700 to 2,50,00

Cash In-Hand, Pay Scale, Grade Pay Of Indian Army

Here is the list of Indian Army posts including Payscale, grade pay, army service pay, and cash-in-hand. You could see the salary of army soldiers depends on the post. If you are in a good post such as captain or major then you will get a good amount of Rupees.

Indian Army Post Pay Scale Grade Pay Army Service Pay Cash In-hand
Sepoy 5200-20200 (Level 3) 1800 2000 25,000
Lance Naik 5200-20200 2000 2000 30,000
Naik 5200-20200 (Level 4) 2400 2000 35,000
Havaldar 5200-20200 (Level 5) 2800 2000 40,000
Naib Subedar 9300-34800 (Level 6) 4200 2000 45,000
Subedar 9300-34800 (Level 7) 4600 2000 50,000
Subedar Major 9300-34800 (Level 8) 4800 2000 65,000
Lieutenant 15600-39100 (Level 10) 5400 6000 68,000
Captain 15600-39100 (Level 10 B) 6100 6000 75,000
Major 15600-39100 (Level 11) 6600 6000 1,00,000
Lieutenant Colonel 37400-67000 (Level 12) 8000 6000 1,12,000
Colonel 37400-67000 (Level 13) 8700 6000 1,30,000
Brigadier 37400-67000 (Level 13A) 8900 6000
Major General 37400-67000 (Level 14) 10,000
Lieutenant General 37400-67000

Indian Army Rank Wise Salary

You can see the Indian Army Salary on the basis of rank and level. Below I have mentioned all things related to the salary rank-wise of the Indian army.

Indian Army Rank  Pay Scale Total In-hand Cash
(Indian Army Salary per month)
Indian Army Sepoy Salary Level 3 21,700
Indian Army Lance Naik Salary Level 3 21,700
Indian Army Naik Salary Level 4 25,500
Indian Army Havaldar Salary Level 5 29,200
Indian Army Naib Subedar Salary Level 6 35,400
Indian Army Subedar Salary Level 7 44,900
Indian Army Subedar Major Salary Level 8 47,600
Indian Army Lieutenant Salary Level 10 56,100
Indian Army Captain Salary Level 10 B 61,300
Indian Army Major Salary Level 11 69,400
Indian Army Lieutenant Colonel Salary Level 12 1,21,000
Indian Army Colonel Salary Level 13 1,30,600
Indian Army Brigadier Salary Level 13A 1,39,600
Indian Army Major General Salary Level 14 1,44,200
Indian Army Lieutenant General Salary Level 15 1,82,200
Indian Army General Salary Level 18 2,50,000

What Is The Meaning Of Grade Pay And Basic Pay In the Indian Army?

  • Indian Army Grade Pay=> Grade pay is the amount received by the employees of the government based on their category, class, and pay band.
  • Indian Army Basic Pay => Basic pay is the base income of an employee, comprising 35-50% of the total salary. It is a fixed amount that is paid prior to any reduction or increases due to bonuses, overtime, or allowances.

Allowances – Indian Army 

Indian army receives a different kind of allowance and perks. It is like compensation for various activities that they receive.k Below I have mentioned all kinds of Allowances that the Indian Army gets over time.

  • Field Area Allowances (25% of Basic pay )
  • Parachute Pay (Rs. 1200)
  • High Altitude Allowances (Rs. 5600)
  • Counterinsurgency  (Rs. 6300)
  • Kit Maintenance Allowances  (Rs. 400 Every month)
  • Siachen (Rs. 14000)
  • Special Forces  (Rs 9000 Every month)
  • Flying Pay (Rs. 9000)
  • Transportation Allowances (Rs. 1600 to Rs. 3200)
  • lifelong Pension
  • Death Cum Retirement Gratuity and Foreign Postings.
  • Casual Leave of 20 Days
  • Encash of Leave up to 300 Days of Last Pay Drawn
  • Study Leave of up to 2 Years with Full Pay and all Benefits

Other Benefits For the Indian Army 

A soldier, the government of India gives them some other benefits apart from the job benefits. Additional benefits are described below:-

  • This is also counted under the additional benefit list as Low-Interest Loans
  • The second is Free Hospital Facilities.
  • The first benefit of joining the Indian Army is Air/Rail Travel Concession.
  • The last one is Canteen Facilities, Rations, etc.

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