Online GPF Information System Nagaland: Principal Accountant General

Registration for Online GPF Information System:- The state government of Nagaland has recently introduced Nagaland Online GPF System for their employees. The Principal Accountant General (A&E) is an official website portal. The state authorities has developed this website. There are a lot of activities that you can perform at there. This includes- DDO Login, Treasury Login, AG Login, subscriber login, and many more. Today through this article we will provide you all details about the Nagaland Online General Provident Fund.

Online GPF Information System Nagaland

Online GPF Information System Registration 2022

The government of Nagaland state has inaugurated a highly dedicated website portal to obtain the General Provident Fund details online. The financial department of Nagaland will look after the online GPF loading system. As it assist them to make it accessible to each and every person.

All those employees who are currently working in various departments of Nagaland State Government obtain an unique series code. This code helps them to obtain their online details. Government has assigned a DDO officer for every department. As he will assist the concerned employees to obtain their detail registration and allow them to easily access their particulars from online mode.

It Is mandatory to verify and check the details from the provident fund portal in Nagaland state. As it helps you to plan a better future for yourself. That is why we bring you an easy procedure to check the GPF statement Nagaland. As through this you can easily get your slip from the official website portal.

Procedure To Check Nagaland GPF Balance Online

  • First of all, visit the Online Nagaland GPF Website Portal. That is-

Online GPF Portal Nagaland

  • Now you need to click on Subscriber Login.
  • At there kindly select your Series Code as well as Account Number.
  • Then you need to fill the PIN provided for your GPF registration along with the Captcha Code.

Nagaland Online GPF Balance Check

  • Following that click on Submit button to proceed ahead.
  • Then select the GPF Slip from menu section and then Click on Year to fetch details.
  • Consequently, the selected financial year details will appear in front of your screen. You can either select the option of download or print to easily download it in your device.

Process To Get Nagaland GPF PIN

As we all know that Personal Identification Number is a highly essential for everyone to obtain their Nagaland PF account online. Hence in order to get Nagaland GPF pin kindly follow the below mentioned simple steps –

  • Firstly, open the official website portal of GPF menu. That is-
  • Now you need to select the GPF Series.
  • Then fill your GPF number and also enter the PIN.
  • Kindly note that here the PIN is your Date of birth in the format of 01-JAN-20.
  • Following that, enter the captcha code and then click on it to Generate OTP.
  • Now enter the OTP number and after this generate your New PIN number.
  • Through this simple process, the new PIN generated form will now let you log in at subscriber login page to the Nagaland GPF to get your details online.

Some Frequently Asked Questions-

  • Do we have a SMS facility understand Nagaland GPF?

Yes, this portal provides an SMS facility working straight from the Nagaland government to give the latest update on individual PF accounts. They get these details on their registered mobile number, and in most cases, if it is defaulted to everyone then you can contact the DDO officers to check the details.

  • What is the Process to Know my Nagaland PF Number?

The Nagaland General Provident Fund number will be mentioned in your respective employee pay slip that the Department has provided. The employees can also connect with their Accounts department to easily know their Nagaland PF Number linked with their personal account.

  • Can we get last year details from the Nagaland GPF Online?

Yes, this Nagaland GPF portal also contain previous data from the start of your employment. One can easily get the data to verify their savings and the investments that they have made under this Nagaland GPF Scheme underemployment.

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