Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme 2023 :Apply Online, Official website, Launch Date

The current world is using fast internet service to save time and become more productive. The Indian government has launched a Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme in Bihar. Internet is growing fast because of its seamless advantages in every country. The prime minister knows this fact why he inaugurated this scheme in village areas like Bihar. Many people of Bihar want to take advantage of Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme but they don’t know how to apply. In this post, we will look into this scheme and grab all the required details.

Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme 2023

Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme Official Website:- People who are living in the cities like Delhi, Bangaluru, Gujrat, etc have high-speed internet. They are growing much faster than any rural area. The accessibility of the internet has only rich people and what about the rural area or poor people and their children. If they were not able to access the internet then it is hard for them to make their future.
Bihar is a poor state among 28 states of India. Here government’s responsibility to enhance its capabilities and ensure all sources of making a better future.
Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi wants to develop a strong country in front of the world by bringing all the citizens together. It is not an easy task and it will surely take time but ultimately future will be bright for India. Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme will connect 45,945 villages through internet service. The rural area will be able to access high-speed internet service.

Important Details Of Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme (Bihar)

Under this section, you will see the important points of the Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme. 
  • Make Bihar and its village digital by giving Fiber Broadband Service.
  • This scheme has recently been launched by the prime minister so it is undergoing. It will take time to come.
  • Almost 45,945 villages will get benefits under Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme.
  • Common Service Centres undertook this scheme (CSCs) Operating in India.
  • Common Service Center will provide (FTTH) Fiber To The Home Broadband Service.
  • It will help to connect villages to the city.
  • They will be able to get online services like banking, education, income sources, etc.

Benefits Of Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme

  • Digital services:- Bihar population will get e-Education, Tele-Medicine, Tele-law, e-Agriculture, and other social security schemes.
  • Local employment generation:- After internet connectivity, local employment will be generated rapidly.

Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme Apply Online

Now will see how we can apply for this scheme and get a high-speed internet connection at home. Follow the below-mentioned steps for applying.

  • In the first place, you have to visit the Official website of the Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme.
  • Here, complete your registration process.
  • Then you need to choose a plan according to you.
  • Select your area and locality.
  • Enter basic details such as Name, Age, Gender, Date of Birth, Complete Address Details, Mobile Number, and Email ID.
  • Click on submit button and pay your bill.
  • Take a screenshot of your acknowledgment.

NOTE:- Above said steps are hypothetical because this scheme is just announced. There is no existence of this scheme till now. As we receive any update regarding this we will inform you.

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