Fame India Scheme 2023 Phase~2 Apply Online! Benefits

The Fame India Scheme 2023-24 Apply Online. The government of India has inaugurated this scheme in order to reduce the use of petrol and diesel-type vehicles for environmental protection. Today in this article we have discussed all aspects of Fame India Scheme 2023. This includes- eligibility criteria, main features, documents needed, benefits along with the procedure for online application.

Fame India Scheme 2022

Fame India Scheme 2023

The government of India has recently initiated a new scheme. It is popularly known as the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan or the Fame India Scheme 2023. They have launched this scheme to minimize the use of petrol and diesel-type vehicles. As a result, pollution has reduced too. This yojana is quite beneficial for both environments as well as for the general public.

Under this scheme, the Indian government has mainly considered the four-wheeler cars. Phase- 2 of Fame India Scheme 2023 has also been inaugurated for the citizen of our nation. So, if anyone desires to check out this new central government scheme, we have come here to give you all the important details regarding this scheme. The cabinet from time to time release notification about many schemes. This is very beneficial for each and every person living in India.

Objective Of Fame India Scheme 2023

The major objective of this Fame India Yojana is to promote the usage of electronic vehicles in our country. As we all know, the petrol rates and types of diesel are increasing rapidly day by day. Hence, the introduction of electric vehicles will surely save a lot of money. In addition, with the implementation of this yojana, our environmental condition has also improved. It has now become more clean and fresh.

FAME India Phase 2 Online Apply

Nowadays, the esteemed government of each and every state is joining hands with central authority for ensuring a clean as well as the pollution-free country. Consequently, it will also improve our health conditions. The Indian government has already advocated the 1st Frame of the yojana. After the successful execution of phase 1, now the authority has brought the 2nd phase for providing benefits to all citizens.

In so many Indian states, the central government has provided a total of 670 electric buses. These beneficiary states are -Chandigarh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Goa. They have also installed some charging stations for these buses. The total number of these Charging points is around 241. These charging stations are located on the road from states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Port Blair, and Kerala as well.

Fame India Scheme Phase 2

Important Features of Fame India Scheme 2023

  • Firstly, the government has promoted the usage of hybrid and electric motor vehicles under this scheme.  As a result, pollution will automatically reduce resulting in a clean environment.
  • Secondly, through this scheme, the government has decided to ensure financial assistance to all eligible beneficiaries. Along with this, the incentives are 10 lakhs with 2 watts, 5 lakhs for 3 watts, 55 thousand for 4 watts, and 7 thousand buses have to be provided.
  • Thirdly, for managing the service of these electronic vehicles, the government has allotted some charging stations on highways. The government is connecting big cities under this scheme.
  • The maximum distance between the 2 charging stations should be around 25 Km on both sides of the road.
  • They provide the incentive amount for 3 W and 4 W electronic vehicles, only when you registered either for commercial vehicle services or public transport services.
  • The cabinet has decided to make a budget of Rs 10,000 crore Rupees to make this plan successful.
  • The Indian government will surely consider the vehicle having a state of art lithium-ion or any other technology batteries for the incentive under this yojana.
  • In order to charge these hybrid and electronic vehicles, charging points are there in so many states.

FAME India Phase- 2 Online Apply 2023

Around 2700 Charging stations in the total count would be constructed within the distance of 3 kilometers in different cities, smart cities, hill stations, metros, etc.

Summary of Charging Stations
Serial Number Name of the Area Number of Electric Stations
1. Delhi 94 Electric Stations
2. Also, Chandigarh 48 Electric Stations
3. Jaipur 49 Electric Stations
4. Goa 17 Electric Stations
5. Also in Bengaluru 45 Electric Stations
6. Hyderabad 50 Electric Stations
7. Ranchi 29 Electric Stations
8. Shimla 7 Electric Stations
9. Lucknow 1 Electric Stations
10. Then in Agra 10 Electric Stations
Total Number 350 Electric Stations

Along with this scheme, the Indian government has also initiated various other schemes. The main objective is to reduce the pollution level of our states. Also, the authority is providing incentives initially for the purchase of electronic vehicles. Due to these electric buses, pollution will surely reduce. So if anyone is interested in this scheme, then they can apply for the Fame India Scheme 2023 Phase 2.

Benefits of Fame India Scheme 2023 :

  • As a consequence of this scheme, the government will promote an eco-friendly public transport system in India.
  • Most importantly, it minimizes the pollution level, which has exploded in the previous few years.
  • Along with this, electric and hybrid system vehicles get high recognition for the growth of our country.
  • This also enhances the interlinking of renewable energy sources throughout the whole nation.
  • At last, to promote electric services, charging stations have been installed.

The government first released information about this yojana in parliament. Then the Minister of State and Heavy Industry Affairs Mr. Krishan Pal Gujar also made a declaration about the construction of 520 Charging stations on 20th July. The price of these charging stations sanctioned last time was Rs 43.4 crore Rupees.

The Online Application Procedure for Fame India Scheme 2023 :

  • First of all, candidates interested in this Fame India Yojana, need to visit the Official Website of the Department of Heavy Industries, the Ministry of Heavy Industries, as well as public enterprises.

Fame India Scheme Online Application Procedure

  • Now after opening the official website, the home page will open in front of you.
  • There, kindly click on the option of the Fame India Scheme Phase 2.
  • Following that, a new page will emerge before your screen with an online application form.
  • In that form, you need to key in all asked details accurately.
  • The concerned department has also described this procedure for online application submission.
  • Candidates need to follow all the procedures as per the guidelines of the authority working on this scheme. As there is no other method for applying under the scheme.

The process to view Fame Phase-2 Depository :

  • Firstly, the candidates need to open the Official Website portal of the Department of Heavy Industry. Also, the Ministry of Heavy Industries along with Public Enterprises, and the Government of India.
  • Now, the homepage will emerge in front of you.
  • Following that, you need to click on the option named Fame 2nd Depository.
  • As a result, the list of your document name, the date of the document, along with the format of download will appear on your system.

We have given our best to give all information regarding this Fame India Yojana 2023. If anyone still has any doubt or confusion about this, then you can contact on the available number. Along with this, an email address is also available, in case you desire to send it to the concerned authority.

The Fame India Available Helpline Number: 011- 23063633/ 011-23061854, 011-23063733

Email Address: [email protected]

Link For Official Portal Click here

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