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The Power minister R.K Singh introduced Electricity Amendment Bill 2022.  Which aims to streamline the payment framework, empower regulators and boost competition. In this article, we will discuss all about Electricity Amendment Bill 2022 in this article.

Electricity Amendment Bill 2022 PDF

The Electricity bill 2022 head introduce by the government of India and power minister RK Singh. A draft copy of the bill is available for public opinion. By amending the Electricity Act, of 2003, the Central government intends to reduce the disruption consumers face as a result of poor reliability and overcharging of electricity. Due to inefficiency is in the distribution industry electricity is currently overcharged to the consumer in a monopolistic market. It is true that renewable energy is much cheaper now than fossil fuel generation, but consumers have not seen a decrease in their electricity bills as a result of this increasing share of renewable power. With the introduction of the bill, licensing for distribution business 7 will be streamlined, enabling private companies to compete with discoms on the basis of better tariffs and high-quality electricity. This bill facilitates open access provision for residential consumers and opens the market to small capacity, open access PPAs.


Overview of the Electricity Amendment Bill 2022 PDF

Provisions Under Electricity Amendment Bill 2022

As part of our international commitments to increase the share of renewable energy in our energy mix, amendments to the Act are also necessary for light of the importance of green energy for our environment. Additionally, it has become necessary to strengthen the regulatory mechanism and adjudicatory mechanism in the Act, as well as to implement administrative reforms through improved corporate governance. 

As part of the Bill, power distribution licensees will be allowed to utilize the networks of other licensees, which could improve competition and efficiency. Moreover, the government anticipates introducing a new section in the Act that will enable power purchase and cross-subsidy management between multiple distributors in the same supply area. By implementing these measures, consumers will benefit from competitive prices in the power distribution sector.

Furthermore, the government proposes to enable regulators to establish minimum tariff ceilings in order to discourage unhealthy pricing wars among distributors and a maximum ceiling in order to protect consumers against unexpected price increases.

Highlights of Electricity Amendment Bill 2022

Here are some important features and highlights of the Electricity Amendment Bill 2022.

  • About Delicensing of Distribution Business

 In order for electricity utilities to compete with private power utilities, consumers will be able to switch from one energy supplier to another. This will allow consumers to receive the lowest likely price & get the best service available.

  • About Direct subsidy transfer to end-consumer 

State governments will directly transfer electricity subsidies to electric utilities. This will prevent the indebtedness of power utilities. If State Governments wish to provide subsidies for electricity, they must do so directly, just as with gas subsidies.

  • About RPO Targets in Amendment Bill
    Open access consumers as well as DISCOMS must comply with RPO Targets (Renewable Purchase Obligations) determined by the Regulatory Commission and may be penalized for non-compliance.
  • About Strict Payment conditions for DISCOM
    The SLDC can shut down the power supply if DISCOMS fails to manage adequate payment security with PPA.
  • About Ease open access
    Consumers with Low Tension (LT) are now allowed to take advantage of open-access provisions. Currently, open access is available within the state. However, open access is only permitted within states.

Electricity Amendment Bill 2022 Benefits & Objective

The electricity amendment Bill 2022 is likely to be introduced by power minister RK Singh, the government of India in 2022,  which aims to streamline the payment framework, empower regulators and boost competition. Specifically, the purposed amendments are to the Electricity act, 2003, which was enacted to consolidate laws relating to the generation, transmission, distribution, trading, and use of electricity, and generally to promote its development.

How to Download Electricity Amendment Bill 2022?

Dear reader after all the discussion now we will be going to explore that, where you can access to a draft of the Electricity Amendment Bill 2022 and how you can download it. Firstly you should visit the Indian government’s official website The Indian Guzzetta, where you can get all department bills and acts are available. After visiting this site’s right side you can see a table, where different features are available. Now you should click on the first option, Act & Bill. Then go to the next portal and a new dashboard opens on your screen you can easily download any bill and act of Indian government which have passed in the Indian parliament.

  • Gazette of India Official Website
  • Here you will provide you also a soft Draft copy of the Electricity Amendment Bill 2022. Click on this and Download this-

Download Electricity Amendment Bill PDF

  •  Click on this link and download the Draft copy of the Bill.

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