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eGRAS (Government Receipt Accounting System): do you know what it is? If you are unaware of it, no worries; We will explain the subject to you in-depth today. E GRAS Haryana is a component of the Integrated Financial Management System. The e-government programs are launched by several Indian state governments as part of the Mission Mode Project. The state may now collect tax and non-tax revenue both manually and digitally thanks to eGRAS. It is a method of online money collection from governments that offers specific services to the depositor of funds. This System enables you to deposit tax or other revenue online or offline if it is required by any state government. We will discuss the complete information regarding the eGRAS Haryana, Such as the login procedure, method to pay the online challan, how to register on Official portal of eGras Haryana, and other queries. so you are suggested to read full article to gain more information about eGras Haryana.

eGRAS Online Challan Portal Haryana

Government Receipt Accounting System (eGRAS) for Haryana The Haryana State Government launched the Integrated Financial Management System as an e-Governance project as part of the Mission Mode Project on December 12, 2013. In this system, the depositor can create a Challan for cash, check, or demand draught deposits without having to visit the Treasury office.

Imagine you need to deposit any government receipts into the government’s account using e GRASS Haryana. In that situation, he might click on any link linked to the Challan to go to or Complete the information and send the receipt. A printout copy of that deposit receipt can also be obtained using this system in addition to this.

eGras Challan Portal

It is not necessary to have the Challan issued through the e GRASS Haryana System signed by the relevant food officer, nor is it necessary to transmit a manual Challan to the Treasury or Bank to any individual or office representative. Any individual or office representative is not required to visit the Treasury or Sub Treasury office for challan verification. Instead, you can deposit the government receipt in the government’s account by showing the printable copy of the Challan within the bank itself.

The user can change the GMS if the incorrect scheme user submits the receipt. He can get it fixed for this within two days. The user must first check his status and get in touch with the relevant District Treasury Officer or Assistant Treasury Officer to make a written request. The responsible officer can then rectify it by entering their User ID and Password. Users of Haryana eGRAS can enter information pertaining to Challans in a specific column utilising a maximum of 200 words on the Challan entry page. The user will also see this information on a preprinted electronic challan.

Benefits of eGRAS Haryana

We have listed the following benefits of eGras Haryana which will help you to find out features of this portal.

  • The state government’s plan specifies how to deposit government logistics so that they are delivered to the correct department.
  • You may deposit government receipts using this system while sitting at home and using internet banking.
  • Even if a depositor is unfamiliar with internet banking, he can still deposit the government receipt in some banks using cash, checks, or DD by manually creating an electronic challan with preprinted information.
  • The verification of the Challan no longer requires the depositor to go to the Treasury office.
  • Currently, the depositor has the option to deposit government revenues in many banks. At any time, he is free to utilise the bank of his choice.
  • In this system, the relevant department and the treasury office have access to MIS reports pertaining to government receipts.
  • Any user can submit receipts in a maximum of 9 schemes at once in the E GRAS Haryana system. The leader of all those plans must, however, be the same for this.

Eligibility Criteria for Using e GRAS Haryana

eGras Portal Haryana announced to use this portal for paying e Challan and other detail. The portal divided user category in 3 sub-parts which are following:

DDO User under eGras Haryana

By utilising his username and password, the DDO (Checker) of any department can create a Challan for depositing money into a government account. The usage of this feature is restricted to government agencies only.

Registered User under eGras Haryana

If you have to submit any tax and other funds to government in time to time, then you have to register yourself as a registered user.

Guest User eGras Haryana

This option can be used by those users who rarely deposit any amount through Challan in the account of the Haryana Government.

If you rarely deposit your challan in Haryana government account then you should use the eGras portal as a guest user.

eGras Haryana Online Challan Registration & Login

We have listed following steps to access the site where you can easily find online Challan:

  • First of all you have to visit on official website of eGras Haryana. You can access the site to visit form this link
  • After that you have to registered your self to fill simple form.
  • when you will register, you will get your user id and password to access the site.
  • Enter the login id and password to login on official website of eGras Haryana.
  • The user will see the right scheme after picking the option provided.
  • Click the back button on this page if the user still needs assistance.
  • Choose the department’s name, the major head that goes with it, and the scheme that goes with the tilted major head.
  • If the user is unaware of this, they must contact the district treasury office or sub-treasury office or any district-level or block-level office associated with the department whose government receipt is to be filed.
  • Major Head of User, Scheme You can learn more about this requirement, which requires the user to provide a government receipt.

How to Reset Password in e GRAS Haryana

If the registered user forgets his password, then you can reset your password again. For this, the following steps have to be followed.

  • First, you must visit the login page. You can do this by clicking on one of the following links: or
  • When you arrive at the login screen, you will see a link or option that says “Forgot Password.”
  • A new page will open with you when you select the Forgot Password option. You must enter your Login ID on this page. The next step is to complete the supplied Captcha, enter the answer in the appropriate column, and press the submit button.
  • After this you will be asked your security question to verify yourself. once system verified you, you can reset your password for eGras Haryana Portal.

GNA in eGras Haryana

GNA in e GRASS Haryana is officially known as a Government Receipt Number. A GNA number is written on each Challan that a user generates for the submission of a receipt. It is a special number that is unique to each Challan.

The user’s government receipt is also based solely on this GNR number. The user will require this GNR number any time he requests information about his Challan.

How to view Challan of eGras Haryana Portal

After the login successfully you can view your challan status. you will see the following status of your challan

Pending Status: When you did not submit or pay your challan then your status will shown as pending. it may also be pending after the payment because it takes some time to deposit money from your bank to government account.

Success Status: After the successfully submitted of your payment your status will shown as success.

Account Prepare: If a user’s Challan receives a Status Account Prepare notification, Cyber Treasury Chandigarh has already prepared the user’s account for that Challan and issued a report to AG Haryana.

What Is The Full Form Of eGRAS?

The full form of eGRAS is Electronic Government Receipts Accounting System (e-GRAS). e GRASS Haryana is also known as EGRAS HRY.

So we tried to provide you latest information regarding eGras Haryana Portal 2022. However you find and any difficulty in this portal you can comment your problem, we will try to resolve your problem.

We are also providing you Helplin Number of eGras Haryana. You can contact them from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday,

Contact Number: 0172-2711101

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