Duare Sarkar Camp List PDF: District Wise Camp List 2023 Check Date

The west bengal government has launched Duare Sarkar Camp on December. Citizens of West Bengal can apply from this platform for various schemes which are going or running under west bengal government. Most of the people are not aware from this Duare Sarkar Camp and do not know how to apply for getting benefits from this platform. Today we will share you about the application procedure, we will also tell you how to download the district-wise camp list, the objective of the Duare Sarkar camp, what are the benefits, feature, eligibility criteria and other details. So you are requested to read all the article till end.

Duare Sarkar Camp 2023 List PDF

Government of West Bengal is taking an initiative to provide a door to door service for citizen of West Bengal. Citizens of West Bengal can apply for various west bengal government schemes from these camps. They will also provided all the benefits and information of state level schemes on Duare Sarkar Camp. The Duare Sarkar Camp organised in every district of West Bengal where resident can easily avail their services. The government of West Bengal is going to organise the third phase of Duare Sarkar Camp from 16 August to 15 September 2023. According to Government data approximately 1.6 crore people will get benefit from this initiative. There are total 18 schemes which will be provided from door step of citizen in their districts. Swasthya Sathi, Khada Sathi, Caste certificate are some of these 18 schemes. It is a big event, approximately 1.7 crore applications for submitted last year through Duare Sarkar Camp.

Highlights On Duare Sarkar Camp 2023

Scheme Duare Sarkar Camps
Launched By Government Of West Bengal
Beneficiary Citizens Of West Bengal State
Objective To Ensure Benefits Of Various Government Schemes
Official Website Click Here
Year 2023
State West Bengal
Number Of Schemes 18
Mode Of Application Offline

Duare Sarkar Camp 2023: Objective

We have listed following objective of Duare Sarkar Camp:

  • Provide door to door government schemes for citizens of West Bengal.
  • To aware citizens about schemes under west bengal government. Most of the people did not aware about various schemes which are running under West Bengal, these camps will provide complete informations about these schemes
  • Government of West Bengal every year provide and announce various schemes for welfare of citizens. Duare Sarkar Camps promote these schemes.
  • Duare Sarkar Camps will help citizens to apply in various schemes, the camp will not only aware about schemes but also help citizens to apply in various schemes. 
  • The initiative of door to door services will reduce the corruption in government department. People needn’t to pay any extra amount to any employee.

Key points About Duare Sarkar Camp

  • Total 5702 camps organised in only February month of 2023. The government of West Bengal allocated a budget of 12900 crore for implication of this scheme. 1.5 crore application were receive in only February month
  • The west bengal government have announced 5 new schemes in year 2023, so citizen can get benefit from 18 schemes in upcoming August to September months of 2023. 17107 camps will be organised to implement in this initiative in August month. 
  • The Lakshmi Bhandar scheme is a pension scheme which is provided to all women in West Bengal where general category will get 500 rupees per month and category from schedule caste and schedule tribe will get rs 1000 per month. Approximately 1.6 crore womens will registered themselves in August month for this scheme.
  • In the fourth phase of Duare Sarkar Camp, there will be 857 camps organised in one day at various locations. Officers and employees who will present on the camp, will help citizens to apply or fill their forms in various services. They will also provide all the benefit of their schemes.
  • On the second phase of Duare Sarkar Camp, 70% application work field only for Lakshmi Bhandar scheme. According to Government report 15 lakh women of West Bengal have applied for only Lakshmi Bhandar scheme which is a very big data. Under the Lakshmi Bhandar scheme women of West Bengal get monthly pension for lifetime. Weather a general women will get 500 rupees per month and SC/ ST women’s receive 1000 per month as a pension. 
  • Student credit card, Kisan Bandhu, bank account opening, swasthya Sathi and other schemes are also famous schemes. Around 30% applicants have apply for these schemes.

Duare Sarkar Camp 2023: Benefits

  • Every district of West Bengal is hosted to a Duare Sarkar camp, which is organised by the state government.
  • Beneficiaries can apply at their doorstep for a variety of government-sponsored programmes in West Bengal through these camps.
  • The administration has so far organised these camps in three phases.
  • This year’s programme will run from August 16 to September 15 for one month.
  • For every programme, the recipients must fill out an application at these camps.
  • These camps will provide benefits to almost 1.6 million West Bengal residents.
  • Citizens can learn more about 18 state government programmes through these camps.
  • To now, 17107 camps from around the state have been shortlisted.
  • Through these camps, beneficiaries can also submit applications for the 18 schemes.
  • In the initial stages of this programme, 32830 camps had been established.
  • 2.75 billion feet were counted last year, and 1.77 billion applications were received via these camps.
  • The West Bengal government has also created a website to provide details about duare Sarkar camps.

Documents For Duare Sarkar Camp 2023

Applicant must carry the following document before going on camp to apply on any scheme:

  • State domicile of applicant
  • Aadhar card of applicant
  • Ration card
  • Bank account details ( passbook)
  • Cast certificate, if applicable
  • Birth certificate or any age certificate
  • Working mobile number
  • Passport size recent photograph

Eligibility criteria for Duare Sarkar Camp application

There are various multiple and different criteria for different schemes and services, so you have to complete the criteria of your individual scheme.

The common criteria is that you have to be a citizen of West Bengal.

How to Download Duare Sarkar Camp List 2023

To follow these step you can easily view download Duare Sarkar Camp List 2023. 

  • First of all you have to visit in official website of Duare Sarkar Camp. You can also visit by clicking here 
  • After date you will be redirected to a new web page.
  • You can easily see I link for district vice camp list on the dashboard of website.
  • After clicking on this day you will reach on a new page.
  • After that select your district.
  • Now, click on the submit button.
  • After that you can see a list of Duare Sarkar Camps.
  • You can also download this slip for offline.

How to find camp in Duare Sarkar Camp List

  • The applicant need to visit on official website of Duare Sarkar.
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you have to find a link for “find your camp”.
  • After that you will reach a new page where you have to select some information.
  • Select your district after that select your block or local body and at last select your ward.
  • Whenever you complete all the information then camp list of your district will be display on your screen.

What Are The Schmes Under Duare Sarkar Camp 2023

Khadya Sathi

Beneficiaries of the Khadya Sathi programme can purchase rations at reduced costs. People who meet the criteria for those in economically disadvantaged groups and those living below the poverty line are eligible to benefit from this programme. The beneficiaries of this programme will number more than 4 crore individuals in West Bengal. Citizens can obtain 5 kg of food grains through this programme for Rs 2 per kg per individual.

Swasthya Sathi

The West Bengali government offers health insurance coverage up to Rs. 500000 through the Swasthya Sathi programme. This programme has covered all West Bengal residents. The beneficiary must have a smart card in order to profit from this programme. Beneficiaries can access cashless treatment with this Smart Card.

Caste Certificate

Through Dwarka Sarkar camps, beneficiaries can also obtain their caste certificate. To obtain a caste certificate, the beneficiaries must fill out an application and deliver all necessary paperwork to the camps.


The Sikshashree Scholarship Program offers financial aid to children from the scheduled caste group who are enrolled in grades 5 through 8. Two different sorts of help are offered through this programme: help in the form of maintenance grants and help in the form of book grants. This programme aims to increase schedule category students’ attendance in pre-matriculation classes and decrease dropout rates, particularly among female students.

Jai Johar

For residents of West Bengal’s scheduled tribes, the Jai Johar programme has been launched. The beneficiaries of this system receive financial incentives. One of these financial incentives is a monthly pension of Rs 1000. The recipient must present a schedule tribe category certificate and the applicant must be at least 60 years old in order to be eligible for this program’s benefits.

Toposili Bandhu

West Bengal residents who fall under the scheduled caste category now have access to Toposili Bandhu. The participants of the programmes are given financial incentives under this scheme. One of these financial incentives is a monthly pension of Rs 600. In order to receive benefits under this programme, the beneficiary must be 60 years of age or older and have a schedule caste certificate.


The Kanyashree scheme has been introduced for West Bengal’s female students. The girls are given financial incentives through this programme to support their studies. This programme is available to any girls between the ages of 13 and 18 who are enrolled in classes from eighth through twelfth grade. Through this programme, the government offers 750 rupees in annual financial aid. In addition, this programme offers a one-time reward of Rs. 25000 to the girl when she gets 18 years old.


Rupashree was established to offer financial support to families who were experiencing financial hardship at the time of their daughter’s marriage. The one-time grant will be for Rs. 25000. As the West Bengal government would be offering financial support at the time of marriage, West Bengal residents will no longer be obliged to borrow money at higher rates.


For West Bengal students who come from underrepresented groups, the Aikyashree scholarship programme has been launched. All deserving students are given financial aid through this programme at the high school and college levels. This programme is available to students from kindergarten to doctoral level.

Krishak Bandhu

The West Bengali government established the Krishak Bandhu initiative in order to give farmers financial support. The amount of this financial aid will be Rs. 4000 annually. Besides that, this programme also offers death benefits. The family of a farmer would receive a death benefit of Rs. 2 lakh if he or she passes away before the age of 60.


The Manabik Scheme was introduced by the West Bengali government for people who are physically handicapped. All qualifying beneficiaries would get a monthly pension of Rs 1,000 under this programme. The beneficiary’s disability percentage must be at least 50% and their family’s income must be at or below Rs. 100,000 in order to qualify for this program’s benefits.

Helpline number for Duare Sarkar Camp

Applicants can find the helpline number or contact details on the official website of Duare Sarkar.

However, we are providing you mobile number email id and address of the department.

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