CM Pushkar Singh Dhami Contact Number, Whatsapp Mobile Number

CM Pushkar Singh Dhami Contact Number:-Pushkar Singh Dhami is a great political leader. He is famous in India and once again he won an election. Now he becomes the 10th Chief Minister of Uttrakhand. CM Pushkar Singh Dhami is a very busy man. However, he has made himself available to the public by posting his WhatsApp number on his website. You can visit his website to get more information and updates. In this article, you will know Pushkar Singh’s Whatsapp Number, Office Address, Email ID, and social media accounts as well.

CM Pushkar Singh Dhami Contact Number

He wants to help people as a good leader. He builds a website on which he shares his contact details so that the citizens of Uttrakhand can easily contact them. In a physical model, Pushkar Singh Dhami can’t contact everyone. He has an MLA position so, he has to work for his area too. He is always willing to help solve problems and answer questions. He is also very active on social media, so if you can’t reach him by phone, you can try contacting him through one of his social media accounts.

Currently, he is serving his country and making people live better. He is determined to do his work and try to do it as early as possible. He defeated his opponent in the election and become the MLA Of Uttrakhand. He stands for the BJP party. He is MLA of Khatima Constituency in Uttrakhand. As other great leaders have to work for achieving their goals, Pushkar Singh Dhami also went through the struggle. To give a better life to these people and provide the best opportunities for his people, he regularly activates for helping people. It is very little work for CM Pushkar Dhami to provide contact details.

Brief Details About Pushkar Singh Dhami

Party Name  Bhartiya Janta Party
Father Name Sher Singh Dhami
Article Name Pushkar Singh Dhami Contact Number
Pushkar Singh Dhami Age 41
Pushkar Singh Dhami Address  H.No. 112 vill. Nagata Tarai, The, Khatima, Udham Singh Nagar
Voter Details 70 Khatima constituency, at serial no 512 in Part no 97
Self Profession  Advocate
Spouse Profession House Wife

Details About Pushkar Singh Dhami

He belongs to Tundi village as he was born in this village. Pushkar Singh Dhami was born on 16 September 1975. He is brave and intelligent since childhood. He completes his graduation from Lucknow University. The graduation subject was  Human Resource  Management. After completing this degree, he thought to do more in his life. He decided to pursue another course called LLB from Lucknow University. He has learned many things during his degree. Then he worked as an Adviser and the Officer on special duty. Then he decides to join politics. He won and become Chief Minister Of Uttrakhand in 2001.

He had clarity in choosing the right party. He joins the Bhartiya Janta Party and starts his career in politics. He knows as a successful politician in Uttrakhand. Many citizens of the Uttrakhand like his way of politics. he won the election in 2017 from the side of the Bhartiya Janta Party. This massive win compelled the opponent to praise him. He is a well-known politician of the Bhartiya Janta Party. Now his age is 46 years. He has done many things in their life for Uttrakhand.

His wise is a housewife. He did welfare work for Uttrakhand citizens. He is in the news because he becomes the 10th Chief Minister of Uttrakhand on 3rd July 2021. He is called the youngest Chief Minister at the age of 46 years. Now at this age, he wants to help people. He shared contact details with every citizen to solve queries.

CM Puskar Singh Dhami Mobile Number

Many candidates of Uttrakhand want to talk to the Chief Minister. They want to solve their problems with the help of CM Puskar Singh Dhami. Below is several Pushkar Singh Dhami. You can call him and tell him the problems. It is a very easy process that I have seen before. You no need to visit any office and make a written page of your problems. You can make aware CM by just calling him while sitting on the bed.

Mobile Number Of Pushka Singh Dhami = 9837057000

CM Pushkar Singh Dhami WhatsApp Number

Pushkar Singh Dhami wants to help more people as possible he can. Now you can also contact Pushkar Singh Dhami on WhatsApp. You can send images or file that shows your problem. Below is a WhatsApp Number OF Pushkar Singh Dhami.

Pushkar Singh Dhami WhatsApp Number  = 59432050444

CM Pushkar Singh Dhami Social Media Accounts

Social media is a great and effective way to get attention. You can tag Pushkar Singh Dhami or post your problems so that CM can get to know about them. So below is the Social Media Account Of Pushkar Singh Dhami.

Facebook Account Of Pushkar Singh Dhami =

Pushkar Singh Dhami Email ID

If you do not like the above methods to share your problems or suggestion then you can directly connect with CM Pushkar Singh Dhami Email ID. Email Id is a trending way to send your problems to the CM. Here is the Official Email ID Of Pushkar Singh Dhami.

Email ID Of CM Pushkar Singh Dhami = [email protected]

CM Pushkar Singh Dhami Contact Number

  • Home Address = House No. 112 Village Nagta Tarai, tehsil Khatima, Udham Singh Nagar Uttrakhand.
  • Phone Number = 05943250444
  • Email ID Of CM Pushkar Singh Dhami = [email protected]
  • Officer Address = Pushkar Singh Dhami, Near Government Hospital, Sitagand road, Khatiama Udham Nagar, Uttrakhand.
  • Mobile Number = 987057000
  • Facebook Account Of Pushkar Singh Dhami =

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