BGMI – PUBG C2S6 Release date, Royal Pass, Rewards collector

All the details related to the BGMI – PUBG C2S6 update are discussed here on this page. So finally the C2S6 M11 Royale Pass will be available for purchase when it will be officially launched on the Official website. With the help of this post, you will get the details of BGMI- Pubg C2S6 release date and time, Royale Pass Lock, the BGMI M11 Royale Pass Release Date and Time, and the Rank Push Last Date. Now the developer of the BGMI has launched the BGMI 2.0 upgrade on the official. Read this article to the end carefully.

BGMI – PUBG C2S6 2023

We can see that there are many children and adults used to play the BGMI PUBG game a lot. The developers of this game are always launching the latest updates with Royal Pass in this game. Now there are many players are looking for the PUBG C2S6 Rewards. After the PUBG Mobile and BGMI players may soon be capable to purchase the M11 Royal pass. And there are many players who will check the up-to-date information on the M11 Royal Pass.PUBG C2S6 2022

Stay connected with us because we are also updating the details about the BGMI PUBG Royal Pass. Anc the Month of the 11 RP will be available for Android and iOS on May 19 at 2:00 AM UTC. Under this M11 Royal Pass players will get the ‘Hidden Hunters’ theme. You can easily be easily accessible in both the Elite Pass (360 UC) and Elite Pass Plus versions (960 UC).

PUBG C2S6 Release Date – BGMI 2023

As we all know, the M10 Royal Pass is going to expire and now players are again waiting for updating the information about the impending M11 Royal Pass. So the M10 Royal Pass was made and will be available for the Public on April 20, 20, 2023. The developers have also planned to stay in impact for one month. But the RP will expire on May 19, 2021, at around 5:30 a.m. (IST).

Basically, there are three types of versions of the PUBM Mobile Royale Pass M11. All the players will decide to get the free awards without making a purchase. They can pay the UC to receive premium goodies. By using this Royale pass, players can easily buy the PUBG Mobile Month 11 Royale Pass Elite Pass for 360 UC or the Elite Pass Plus for 960 UC if they want to participate in the event.

What is the BGMI PUBG C2S6 Royal Pass?

The developers of the BGMI PUBG are always revealing the new update for the players. Now the BGMI Developers have updated the game to with a new M11 Royale pass. So by using this M11 royal pass in BGMI there are many latest royal passes accessible. And every with its own set of rewards, and the theme for this new royal pass is Cosmic Battle. Under this new updated version perks package is also accessible when you acquire an M11 Royal pass in the BGMI or Pubg Mobile. By reading this post we also share some of the month’s 11 royal pass rewards.

For availing of the rewards by the royal pass, players have to give some incentives and purchase these passes. And with the uses of this pass players will be regular rewards for those who do not buy the Royale Pass. So there are many of the items will be furnished in the package like silver, crate coupons, an outfit, and armor skin for use with a gun, among other things. In order to claim this rewards, all the players will have to climb up in the Royal Pass to earn RP points, which may be made by participating in the game’s weekly objectives. Don’t forget to fulfill all of the goals.

PUBG C2S6 Rewards Collector (BGMI)

All the paid pass users may grab the supreme Trendsetter Set when they reach the 1st Rp tier of the M10 royal pass. However, its not important for something out of the ordinary, it isn’t horribly ugly either. Moreover, every player gets the Electrotech Scar-l Scra-l Gun Skin named Electrotech Scar-l.

Which are PUBG C2S6 Rewards given to Players? :-

  • So all the players get the Ultimate Trendsetter Helmet, by the RP10, this is a unique players’ collection item.
  • Now players can play an excellent match for the RP1 outlook.
  • When users reach the RP level 20, so they will be rewarded with a molly Skin finish that is attractive and durable.
  • The latest and first molly skin to appear in the m11 RP is a teddy bear-faced molly skin.
  • And players reached on the RP level 30, so they are capable to receive a Crimson Emblem plane finish.
  • There are many players who like the appearance of the Crimson Emblem aircraft skin.
  • A legendary emote will also be awarded to players who reach this level.
  • Those players who are playing the game at RP level 35, so they can obtain the 35th rank of the M11 Royal Pass will receive an epic Uzi gun skin called Fruit Feast. The skin is great for anyone who uses an Uzi.
  • Sometimes it will be a great chance to get an M16A4 skin at the M11 Royal Pass’s 40th level if you have the M11 Royal Pass.
  • The attractive skin for the M16A5 rifle, this skin has gorgeous visuals and is one of the best in the game. It is a finish that Gunslingers gamers will undoubtedly like.

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