BGMI m10 Royal Pass Release date: Rewards, Price

Hello dear players, Pubg M10 Royal Pass has been launched by the BGMI developers in April. The players of BGMI are going to have a new surprise from the BGMI developers. The Pubg M10 Royal Pass will be available for the players of the BGMI. The PGMI M10 Royal Pass 2023 will be released on the date of Aprile 20 at 7:30. Pubg M9 Royal Pass will end soon and new will be released. Read this article for getting more information like rewords, price, and pass leak.

BGMI M10 Royal Pass

Gamers can easily access the M10 royal pass after the release. Gamers have to pay a fixed amount for the M10 Royal Pass. When you complete the process of payment then you can access the advantages of the M10 royal pass. If you do not want to pay, your RP must be above the requirement. Then do not need to purchase in this scenario. There are many things, you can find out about all of the future awards.

Krafton community always surprises its players with their unique style of rewards like dresses, outfits, diamonds, and weapons skin. As we already have the advantages of the Royal Pass M9 and we are familiar with its outstanding gifts. You can purchase the headgear in 5RP for a lifetime.

PUBG Mobile M10 Royal Pass Release Date

News of the Krafton, BGMI M10 Royal pass will be available on the date of April 20 for all users of the game. A segment of the royal pass will be closed after the current session. So please make sure, to purchase it before the deadline. Battleground of India can access the RP part of their game. This is going to be more adventures than other rewards so far.

Many players of the BGMI are waiting for the release date of the M10 royal pass but now officially date will be released in front of all. You will experience the next version of this game after getting a royal pass M10. They can use ranking Mod to boost their BGMI rank.

Rewards In BGMI M10 Royal Pass 

In this section, we will go to talk about the BGM M10 Royal pass rewards. Krafton developers release many rewards as a part of the royal pass for attracting the players to purchase their Royal pass. This also has been done in the M10 Royal pass. There are many precious rewards that may attract you to purchase this Royal pass to boost your BGMI ID status. Giving battery performance and battery visual scenarios for the players is the prime motto of this game. This Royal pass will give you new features, events, modes, and equipment.

You can easily purchase it after the release date of the royal pass 10. The most interesting part of the royal pass M10 is, that you can view various rewards related to your personal appearance. Now players have to collect fresh RP to boost their BGMI id at the next level.

BGMI M10 Royal Pass Price 

We have already seen a series of the royal passes and gifts. This royal pass is much different from the previous royal pass. The number of incentives has been increased to create an impact on the M10 royal pass. It is available for everyone but one has to pay the fee to buy it. when you spend money, you will get UC. UC is money in this game. So here you will get UC in the exchange for money. The royal pass M10 costs you 360 UC. You need to spend 360UC to purchase this pass.

According to leaked information, you need to have 960UC to purchase Elite Royal Pass Plus. But if you are not interested in buying a royal pass then no need to be upset. Krafton has gifts. These gifts can be accessible by any player of the game. It is also well antique gift. We play games to rant the RP because there are many uses of RP. RP increases your rank. You can get a coupon worth 60 UC if you reached out at rank 30 in this season.

BGMI m10 Royal Pass Leak Information 

If your RP level is 47 or above then you can purchase M10 Elite Royal Pass. After this, you will be able to get the coupon for 60 UC. This royal pass will enable you to open the next royal pass. Three different variations of the PUBG Mobile Royal Pass M10. You can get a royal pass on the behalf of your rank and RP or you can get your royal pass by purchasing.

This royal pass has been developed by the Krafton company for giving a new experience to the user with the new theme called “Cosmic Battle”. All the gifts and new experiences will be available soon in BGMI. So keep up to date yourself with this kind of information.

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